RingLaps is the one and only Nordschleife hotlap competition timer for iRacing

With RingLaps you can organize and participate in hotlap competitions with any car. Drive against all other drivers in the public Global Series, or create your own private league to drive against your friends and rivals! RingLaps automatically uploads your laptimes and keeps the standings for the various events you are participating in.

RingLaps Timer

The RingLaps Timer application is a Windows application that you run in the background while running your laps. It automatically uploads your laptimes when you finish a valid lap. If you have an extra monitor available you can also keep track of your laptimes and the standings in your favorite event.

How do I start?

  1. Download and start the RingLaps Timer application.
  2. Load any session (test or online) with RingLaps default track conditions*.
  3. Run your laps!

Your laps will automatically be linked to your iRacing account while driving. If you wish to view your events and laps on this website, you will need to register for an account.

*Note: if you are a member of any private leagues, you can also drive under non-default track conditions, if there are any events that demand them. See the section on track conditions for more information.

Global Series

By default, your laps will count toward one big public series in which everyone automatically participates, called the Global Series. As long as you are running in default track conditions, your laps will always count toward the Global Series standings. If you are the first driver to set a lap with a specific car, a new event will be automatically created in the Global Series for that car.

Private Leagues and custom Events

You can create your own private League with your friends and rivals. In your own league, you can run custom Events where you choose the car and the track conditions. Note that if your event runs in default track conditions, all laps for that event will also automatically count for the Global Series.

Events are part of a Series, and in one Series you can run multiple events. Events can be run at the same time, or individually (for example: a new event each week), whatever you prefer. You can choose a start and end date/time for your events. Series Standings are kept for each Series, where points are given for a driver's position in each event.

Your league can have multiple series, so you can run multiple series at the same time, or run a new series each season for example. You can deactivate series when they are finished.

Example: in Season 1 you can create a new series called "Open Wheel Series, Season 1". In this series, you add a number of events with open wheel cars. At the same time, you can also host another series called "GT3 Series, Season 1", in which you add events for some GT3 cars. After a while, you decide to finish the Open Wheel series and start a new season, so you deactivate "Open Wheel Series, Season 1" and create a new series "Open Wheel Series, Season 2" with new events and a fresh standings table.

Track conditions

The RingLaps Timer application will monitor the track conditions in your session to make sure that all laps are run under identical conditions. There are three track conditions to be aware of:

  1. Weather (sky type, air temperature, relative humidity and wind)
  2. Track usage (rubber build up)
  3. Clean-up of marbles

If you wish your laps to count for the public Global Series, your laps must be run in RingLaps default track conditions:

  1. Weather: iRacing default weather (78 F, 55% RH, 2 mph N wind, partly cloudy skies)
  2. Track usage: moderately low usage (40%)
  3. Clean-up of marbles: enabled

The Time of Day setting is currently not being monitored, but influences the track temperature (and therefore also the laptimes). You can see the track temperature for every lap and compare with your own if you believe other Time of Day settings were used.
The fastest Time of Day setting is currently Late Afternoon.

The RingLaps default track conditions are identical to all official Time Trial sessions in iRacing. This means that if there is ever another official iRacing hotlap series on the Nordschleife (using the Touristenfahrten layout), you can use those time trial sessions (and possibly the practice sessions) to run your laps and they will count toward the Global Series.

Custom events can dictate different track conditions if desired. Any laps run for those events will not count for the Global Series.

Once connected to an iRacing session, the RingLaps Timer application will show you which events are available and whether you are using the correct track conditions. If your track conditions do not match the dictated conditions, you can see which parameters are incorrect and change them in a new session.

Fixed setups

Custom events can prescribe a fixed setup that drivers must use to run their laps. RingLaps will automatically download any fixed setups for active events after loading the session. The setups can be found in the 'RingLaps' directory of the car's setups directory.

When attempting to post your lap to available events, RingLaps will check if your setup is identical to the prescribed setup. It must be 100% identical, such that the garage screen says "Setup identical to: ...". You cannot change anything including fuel or brake bias.

You can not use a shared setup! It is not possible for RingLaps to identify if setups are identical if they are loaded as a shared setup (even if they are 100% identical). Driving with a shared setup means your setup will be flagged as invalid, and your lap will not count.

You can not use a fixed setup hosted session! Likewise, it is also not possible for RingLaps to identify if setups are identical if they are automatically loaded by the server as a fixed setup (even if they are 100% identical). Hosting a session with a fixed setup will flag the setup invalid.

Timing accuracy

Laptime accuracy

Laptimes are 100% accurate as they are obtained directly from the sim. No manual calculation is involved. There may however be rounding errors where the in-sim laptime is rounded slightly different than the reported laptime. Any rounding error should only ever result in a difference of 0.001s, and the same difference will also exist if you look at the laptimes in the session result.

Sector time accuracy

Sector times are not 100% accurate as the sim does not report them. Instead they are manually calculated by interpolation across sector crossings. This may result in small inaccuracies (typically less than 0.005s per sector). The sum of your sector times can therefore differ slightly from your actual laptime. Furthermore, comparison of sector times with other laps should be done with care.