If you need support, please first read the frequently asked questions below. If they do not help, feel free to contact me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RingLaps crashed or is not starting!

Oh no, I'm sorry!
Please have a look at the error log files, feel free to send them to me for help. You can find the log files by navigating to the following directory (paste into Explorer address):

The RingLaps timer does not start timing my laps, or does not upload my laps. What's going on?

Please see the following possible reasons:

I did not get my confirmation message, where is it?

After registration you should receive a private message on the iRacing forums. You might have been looking for an email instead.
If you have not received a private message, you can re-send the confirmation message from your account page.

What information about my lap is being stored?

RingLaps stores the following information about your lap:

It specifically does not store your setup or any detailed telemetry (such as throttle / brake percentage).

How accurate is the lap and sector timing?

The laptime is exactly accurate, sector times are not. See timing accuracy for details.