Mobile Support


Please follow these steps to start using RingLaps Mobile:

1. Enable RingLaps Mobile

Open the Settings window in RingLaps (top-right corner of the RingLaps Timer application) and navigate to the Mobile tab.
Make sure 'Enable RingLaps Mobile connection' is checked.

2. Find your computer's IP address

In the Settings window Mobile tab, click the 'Find my IP address' button.
A popup will display all available local IP addresses for your computer. If there are multiple addresses, check the name and type of the network adapter. If you are using a wireless connection on your iRacing computer, then pick the address with type 'WiFi'. If you are using a cabled connection, then pick the 'Ethernet' address.
Write down the relevant address.

3. Restart RingLaps with administrator privileges

RingLaps must be run 'as administrator' for RingLaps Mobile to work.
Please close RingLaps and then restart it with administrator privileges.
Once restarted, check the messages to confirm that RingLaps Mobile has started successfully.

4. Navigate to your IP address with your mobile device

Using your mobile device, open a browser and type in the IP address you found in step 2.
You should now be connected to RingLaps Mobile. The RingLaps desktop application will show a message when a mobile client has connected.

5. Optional: add the web page to your Home Screen

Most smartphones and tablets have an option to add a web page to the Home Screen (usually found in the menu of the browser). This adds an icon to your Home Screen which launches the RingLaps Mobile website in full-screen mode, rather than in a browser window.


Here are some answers to frequently encountered problems with RingLaps Mobile.

Error messages related to RingLaps Mobile

There are a number of error messages that can appear in the message list. Here are the most common ones and their solutions:

How to run RingLaps with administrator privileges

Find the shortcut to the RingLaps Launcher application.
Right-click and choose 'Properties'.
Open the 'Compatibility' tab.
Check 'Run this program as an administrator' at the bottom.
Hit 'OK' to close, then start RingLaps via this shortcut.